Night Owl

Completed 7th-12th Grade


Does your camper like to sleep in late and stay up at night? Stay up late and sleep in with our Night Owl camp. Have
breakfast around lunch time, lunch around dinner, and dinner around bedtime. Night Owl enjoys God’s creation with
stargazing, worship around a campfire, night swims, glow in the dark games, and much more.


Night Owl strives to nurture spiritual growth in our campers through interaction with the wonders of God’s creation
and to foster deep relationships with Christ in our churches, communities, and the world. Our camp programs create
purposeful opportunities to plant seeds and have campers grow spiritually throughout the day. At morning watch
campers receive a seed for thought, providing them with a focus for the day. Bible study grants living water for
campers to seek teachings directly from the bible based upon what was planted earlier that morning. At vespers one of
our staff or a local pastor speaks directly on the subject, giving a strong root system for campers to reach further out in
their faith. Devotions are opportunities for campers to ask questions and debrief on the day so they may begin to grow
further in their faith in Christ.


Residential campers will enjoy many other activities such as sailing, low ropes challenge course, giant swing, archery,
arts and crafts, tree climbing, swimming in our pool, skit night, and much more! (See our mock schedule of events.)
Residential camps are organized in family groups. Each family group typically consists of 5-7 boys and 5-7 girls with a
male and female counselor. Family groups participate in all activities together and are housed separately by gender in
cabins. Depending on registration numbers, some family groups are single-gendered. Family groups are organized by
camper age and cabin mate requests.


Dates: July 28 - August 2