Alby After School

Alby After School: Learning Begins Outdoors

Alby After School is a ministry of Camp Albemarle dedicated to enrich, inspire, and equip Kindergarten through 5th-grade students in our local community. Transportation is offered to students attending Newport Elementary, Bogue Sound Elementary, and White Oak Elementary. All students attending homeschools, public schools, or private schools are welcome.

Alby After School is a nature-based program. Students spend time exploring Camp Albemarle’s beautiful acreage and surrounding ecosystems, receiving homework help, participating in hands-on learning and camp activities like sailing, archery, team building, and tree climbing.

Character development is a fundamental part of the program. Students develop strong interpersonal skills, critical thinking, conflict resolution, gaining confidence, independence, and other social-emotional learning.

Alby After School runs from 2:45 pm until 6 pm Monday through Friday.

Price for Semester One

Days AttendedAmount Per Semester
2 Day$600.00
3 Day$800.00
4 Day$1,000.00
5 Day$1,200.00

Price for Entire School Year

Days AttendedAmount Per Semester
2 Day$1,100.00
3 Day$1,500.00
4 Day$1,900.00
5 Day$2,300.00

Limited scholarships are available based on financial need. For more information use the form below.

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