Leadership Programs

The Purpose

Leadership Programs at Camp Albemarle are designed to help teens develop leadership skills while learning what it takes to be a great camp counselor. Junior Counselors, Counselor in Training (CIT), and Leader in Training (LIT) programs help teens explore their talents as individuals and in groups, while continuing to learn and grow in their faith.


Whether your camper has been coming to Camp Albemarle for years, or are new to our camp, our Leadership Programs provide an excellent opportunity for teens to develop leadership, outdoor living skills, and life skills. Our leadership programs provide a safe place to work on these skills such as independence, time-management, and group dynamics.

All 2023 Leadership Programs listed by age groups. Click to see the description and learn more about our Leadership Programs!

Completed 9th - 11th Grades

Completed 11th - 12th Grades (or completed LIT)

Graduating Seniors (Class of 2024)