Nature School – Preschool


Program Information

2 Day Preschool 

3 & 4 year old mixed class

Tuesday and Thursday | 9am to 12pm

$170 per month

3 Day Preschool 

3 & 4 year old mixed class

Monday, Wednesday and Friday | 9am to 12pm

$245 per month

5 Day Preschool 

4 year old class only

Monday -  Friday | 9am to 12pm

$385 per month

Important Information

  • Children must be 3 on or before August 31, 2021 for the 2- day and 3- day sessions and 4 for the 5-day session.
  • All students must have independent bathroom skills.
  • Classes start the Tuesday after Labor Day and usually ends the third week of May.
  • There is a max of 10 students per class with 2 teachers.
  • Classes are held outside in all weather elements. Students must dress appropriately for the weather.

About Our Preschool Program


Our preschool program uses an emergent curriculum to allow flexibility in activities focused on the children’s natural interests, curiosities and passions. Play is a crucial part of our program as it is a learning process that provides opportunities for cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills, guides children on problem solving and assists with language development.


Our preschool classes follow a daily rhythm that includes:

  • Morning meeting and welcome song
  • Unstructured free play in the Play Den
  • Snack and stories
  • Hikes to various areas of Camp Albemarle
  • Focused activities in the Learning Hive
  • Goodbye song


In the Learning Hive, students participate in teacher-directed activities including but not limited to name and letter recognition, music and movement, fine motor skills, crafts, science experiments, stories, and math and literacy concepts. The Play Den is home to the mud kitchen, the construction zone, a sandbox, four way teeter totter, a hammock village, a sensory table and a teepee. There is endless opportunity for learning through play, inspiring creativity and imagination. Students go on hikes daily, visiting various areas of Camp Albemarle. Hike experiences include climbing tress, building dens, swinging on a tire and rope swing, going down our pipe slide, collecting treasures, exploring Bogue Sound on low tide days, and learning about our natural world.

Enrollment Information


Enrollment information for the 2022-2023 school year coming January 2022 with registration starting in February.


Current students can register January 31st - February 4th. Siblings and alumni families can register February 7th - 11th. The general public has until 5pm on February 11th to turn in a registration form. If more registration forms are received than the number of spots available, a lottery will be held. Lottery details will be posted in January.

Why Nature School? 


  • From the youngest preschooler to the oldest homeschooler, our students develop lasting and meaningful relationships with each other and their teachers
  • Our students are challenged and encouraged to grow and learn at their own pace
  • We teach about the importance of taking care of our earth, through learning about our natural world and the living plants and animals we share it with
  • Students develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning, appropriate risk-taking and leadership opportunities
  • Spending time outside boosts the immune system, improves mood, increases attention spans, improves sensory skills, advances motor skills and leads to more creative play


Our preschool classes feature:

  • an emergent, child-led curriculum
  • activities educating the whole-child - socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually
  • unstructured time in nature for exploring and adventuring
  • an environment that encourages a child's inborn sense of wonder and curiosity to flourish
  • low student to teacher ratios with teachers serving as mentors and modeling curiosity and engagement with nature