Rising 6th – 8th Graders

Day Camps

Middler Day Camp


This camp will get to spend time at Camp Albemarle swimming in the pool, hanging out at the waterfront (sailing, kayaking, or paddle boarding), swinging from and climbing on our Alpine Tower.

No need to pack a lunch. Lunch and snacks are provided.

Day Camp runs from 9-4 pm with early drop-off (8:00) am and late pick up (5:00 pm) options available.

Please note there is no Early Drop off on Monday or Late Pickup on Friday. The price for early or late pickup is $5 each time. You must sign up for this option at least one week prior to the start of the session.

Session 1: June 7-11

Session 2: June 14-18

Session 3: July 12-16

Session 4: July 19-23

Alby After Dark


Alby After Dark is for children who might not be able to spend a whole day with us, but still want to be a part of the fun! Campers will meet at 6:00 p.m. and will have an opportunity to try out special activities such as tree climbing, giant swing, swimming, and waterfront activities. The day will end around the campfire with a snack and a devotion. Pick up will be at 9:00 p.m. The program will run from Monday through Thursday. Come join us for some evening fun!

Session 1: June 28-July 1

Overnight Camps

Middler Day Camp


Enjoy God’s creation surrounded by friends laughing, learning, swimming, creating, and worshiping.
Have the opportunity to choose an excitingly crazy, wacky club activity led by our creative summer staff and their endless imaginations.

Challenge yourself on our 50 ft Alpine Tower.

Experience a week with Bible study, sailing, tree climbing, team building, night games, and archery.

Session 1: June 13-18

Session 2: June 27- July 2

Session 3: July 11-16

Session 4: July 18-23

Mariner Camp


During this camp campers will spend a lot of time sailing, but they will also get to experience all the other things Camp Albemarle has to offer such as: team building, Bible study, swimming, the giant swing, tree climbing, and much more.

Challenge yourself all week long learning how to become a proficient sailor at Camp Albemarle.

If you always wanted to be able sail more at Camp Albemarle this is the camp for you.

Session 1: June 13-18

Session 2: June 27- July 2

M.A.D.D. (Music, Art, Drama, and Dance Camp)


This camp is for the creative soul who wants to use the Arts as a means of expression and worship.

This camp will follow the Night Owl schedule.

Dates: July 25-30

2 Week Camp

Rising 7th - 12th Grades


Wish camp ran longer than a week? Well, this is the camp for you!

Stay in our cabins, make new friends, and participate in the activities you have come to know and love at Camp Albemarle with some new surprises and adventures along the way.

Dates: June 6-18

Night Owl

Rising 7th - 12th Grades


Enjoy God’s creation in the dark with stargazing, worshiping around a campfire, night swims, glow in the dark night games, and much much more.

Stay up later and sleep in. Have breakfast at lunch, lunch at dinner, and dinner at bedtime.

Experience your favorite activities and a few new surprises during the day and by the light of the moon.

All while participating in the traditional Camp Albemarle activities.

Dates: July 25-30

Adventure Trek

Rising 7th - 12th Grades


Most gear will be provided- we will send out a packing list specific to this camp closer to the date of camp.

Come experience the beauty of God’s creation across North Carolina while sleeping under the stars.

Hear the crackling of the campfire as you learn to plan and prepare your own meals over the fire.

Splash in the water with new friends as you float down rivers or sail across the Sound.

Challenge yourself and your group while backpacking through the vast mountains or climbing up rock faces.

All of this while still getting to do your favorite things at Camp Albemarle.

Dates: July 7-16 (10 days)

Service Camp

Rising 7th - 12th Grades


Need service hours for High School or just love to volunteer? Then come out and spend a week with us having fun and serving our community.

Spend each day of camp working with different organizations in the local community such as OWLS Wildlife Shelter, The Boys and Girls Club, and the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

Get the opportunity to participate in all the traditional camp activities and spend time each day talking about what it’s like to serve and how God calls each of us to help others.

This camp will roughly follow the Night Owl Schedule.

Dates: July 18-23

Trailblazer (Adventure Camp)

Rising 6th- 10th Grades


A week with team building, Bible study, kayaking, sailing, tree climbing, and much more.

Make lasting friendships and spend the night under the stars and cook meals over an open fire.

Challenge yourself all week learning how to create a fire, build shelters, and other outdoor skills to help you learn how to enjoy God’s creation.

If you are interested in wilderness survival and outdoor skills, you will love this camp.

Session 1: June 13-18

Session 2: June 27- July 2

Magical Mystery Tour (MMT)

Rising 7th- 12th Grades


Campers never know what is coming next… every moment is a mystery!

Live in the moment as we explore, serve, and experience what the Crystal Coast has to offer.

During the week we will caravan along the coast and engage in a magical assortment of memorable, meaningful, fun and unpredictable activities!

Will follow the Night Owl schedule, for awesome nighttime adventures as well!

Dates: July 25-30