Camp Albemarle Summer Camps

2020 Sessions

Rising 1st – 5th Graders

Summer 2020 registration is now open!


Day Camps

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Day Camp

Rising 1st – 5th Grades

  • Session 1: June 8-12
  • Session 2: June 15-19
  • Session 3: June 22-26
  • Session 4: July 6-10
  • Session 5: July 13-17
  • Session 6: July 20-24
  • Session 7: July 27-31
  • Tuition: $315.00
  • Day camp experience is a great way to introduce children to summer camp.
  • Activities include: Bible study, swimming, challenge, waterfront (sailing or kayaking), creative arts, games, and more!
  • No need to pack a lunch. Lunch and snack are provided.
  • Day Camp runs from 9-4pm with early drop off (8:00) am and late pick up (5:00pm) options available. Please note there is no Early Drop off on Monday or Late Pickup on Friday. The price for early or late pickup is $5 each time. You must sign up for this option at least one week prior to the start of the session.

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Rising 1st – 5th Grades


  • Dates: August 3-7
  • Tuition: $345.00
  • Can’t get enough of day camp? Then this camp is specifically designed for you! This is the week when Day Camp takes over Camp Albemarle!
  • All of the traditional camp activities such as Bible study, swimming, challenge, and waterfront will occur, but this week they are on a supersized scale with many camp wide activities.
  • No need to pack a lunch. Lunch and snack are provided.
  • Day Camp runs from 9-4pm with early drop off (8:00) am and late pick up (5:00pm) options available.
  • Optional Thursday night camp out! After a week of building friendships can you think of a better way to send off summer than a sleepover at camp? Campers that choose to stay get the opportunity to worship around a campfire while enjoying s‘mores, sleeping in a cabin, and other extraordinary night activities.

Overnight Camps

Register NowJunior Camp

Rising 2nd – 5th Graders

  • Session 1: June 7-12
  • Session 2: June 21-26
  • Session 3: July 12-17
  • Session 4: July 19-24
  • Tuition: $685.00
  • Make new friends, try new things, and continue growing in God.
  • Experience living in community with other great campers and staff.
  • Fly through the air on our giant swing, set sail on Bogue Sound, and play in the trees during tree climbing.
  • Enjoy the traditional summer camp experiences such as swimming, Bible study, creative arts, staying in our cabins, and experiencing God’s Creation first hand.


                                 Saddles and Paddles

Register NowRising 2nd – 5th Graders


  • Session 1: June 21-26
  • Session 2: July 19-24
  • Tuition: $825.00
  • This is the camp for children who want to learn the basics of horseback riding and horse care.
    • Campers will spend half of each day at the barn and then have the opportunity to hone their waterfront skills along with all the other great camp activities!
    • The camp will be held at Hearts Desire Equine Rescue in Hubert, NC with all activities lead and supervised by their trained staff

Register NowMini Camp

Rising 1st – 5th Graders

  • Session 1: June 28-30
  • Session 2: July 19-21
  • Tuition: $345.00
  • Perfect for the first-time camper. 3 days 2 nights.
  • Experience all the fun activities camp has to offer. From flying through the air on our giant swing, to splashing, swimming and sailing in the water. It is a great opportunity to learn about living in community and worshiping around a campfire. Camp has something to offer to everyone.
  • Plenty of love and special attention from staff and the opportunity to grow closer to God.


Register NowNew!  Mega Mini 

Rising 1st – 5th Graders

  • Dates: June 28-July 1
  • Tuition: $400.00
  • Perfect for the middle of the road camper.  3 nights 4 days.
  • Experience all the fun activities camp has to offer. From flying through the air on our giant swing, to splashing, swimming and sailing in the water. It is a great opportunity to learn about living in community and worshiping around a campfire. Camp has something to offer to everyone.
  • Plenty of love and special attention from staff and the opportunity to grow closer to God.

Register NowPathfinders (Adventure Camp)

 Rising 2nd – 5th Graders


  • Session 1: June 7-12
  • Session 2: June 21-26
  • Tuition: $700.00
  • A week with team building, Bible study, kayaking, sailing, tree climbing, and much more.
  • Make lasting friendships and spend the night under the stars and cook meals over an open fire.
  • Challenge yourself all week learning how to create a fire, build shelters, and other outdoor skills to help you learn how to enjoy God’s creation.
  • If you are interested in wilderness survival and outdoor skills, you will love this camp.

Register NowCadet Sailing Camp

Rising 2nd – 5th Graders

  • Session 1: June 7-12
  • Session 2: July 12-17
  • Tuition: $700.00
  • During this camp, campers will spend a lot of time sailing, but they will also get to experience all the other great activities Camp Albemarle has to offer such as: team building, Bible study, swimming, the giant swing, tree climbing, and much more.
  • Campers will learn the basics of sailing our Sunfish Sail Boats with daily instruction from our best sailing staff! In Addition to the Sunfish campers can learn on our Topaz Uno Plus Sailboats.
  • If you have saltwater in your veins, this is the camp for you!

Additional Information

Download the Packing List here

Camp Options

For over 65 years Camp Albemarle has provided quality summer programs with the goal of providing safe and fun experiences that allow children to try new activities, make new friends and grow in their Christian faith. Camp Albemarle now offers overnight, traditional and adventure camp options, as well as a full schedule of day camps, so you can find the best fit for your child.


The gate at camp will not be open until 2:00pm. Staff will greet you at the gate and begin letting families in at that time. You will be given a number and information about the check in process. The number will hold your place for registration so you don’t have to stand in line. Families can then proceed to the Pavilion where campers can make a name tag and everyone can enjoy refreshments and activities. The camp store will be open at this time so you can put money in their camp store account (cash, check, or credit card).

At 3:00pm staff will begin calling families to the registration area based on the number you received at the gate. Once your number has been called, you can proceed to registration where you will meet with the registrar to make sure payment and paperwork have been completed. Then you will either check in with the nurse if your camper has medications (please bring the completed MAR form) or go straight to get a health check for temperature, and a lice check. There will be another opportunity to put money in your child’s camp store account if you have not already done so. At the last station you will receive your cabin assignment and camper t-shirt. From there you can retrieve your campers luggage from your vehicle, help them move into the cabin and meet their counselors. Registration will end around 4:00pm, please call the office and leave a message if you will be late.

  • Day Camp registration can be found on the Day Camp Page

Check Out

This year we will be holding a closing program at the Vesper Dell! We invite all friends and families to join us for songs, dancing, high points of the week, and closing worship for what will have been a spectacular week. This program will begin at 2pm, please do not arrive before 1:30pm and go straight to the Vesper Dell or Camp Store as campers will be finishing cleaning their cabins and playing games. After the program is finished you can head to your campers cabin and sign them out with their counselor and pick up your luggage (please do not try to do this before the program as it creates problems for the counselor’s supervision of the campers and we would like to minimize traffic). After the program, there will also be a treat served out of the Pavilion, that week’s slideshow playing in the Lodge, and the Camp Store will remain open.

Cabin Mates

Part of the fun of coming to camp is meeting new people, but recognizing that sometimes a familiar face can make adventures easier to face, Camp Albemarle makes every attempt to honor one cabin mate request. To make a cabin mate request, please go to ‘Room Request’ found on the Camper Information page when completing your registration form online. Enter the friend’s name there. Please do not list more than one name or write any other additional words. In order for us to honor the request it must be reciprocated by the other child (the friend must also request only your child on his/her registration). It is a good idea to have spoken with the requested friend’s parent before registering in order to confirm that they will request your child on their registration form. Please do not list more than one friend as these requests cannot be honored. Additionally, camps are filled on a first come, first serve basis, and we cannot hold bunks for friends or for late registrations. There are multiple large group activities at camp, so even friends who are not in the same cabin will see each other throughout the day and evening.

Camp Store

Throughout the week campers will be given the opportunity to go to the camp store during their free time. You may leave money on account for your camper during registration or online so they can purchase souvenirs – all snacks are included in your registration fee and do not require additional payment. A record of camper accounts is kept at the Camp Store, but a cash box is not, so it is not recommended that you send cash with your camper. The Camp Store will also be open during registration and checkout. If money remains on your camper’s account, you have the options to pick it up then or donate the money to our Campership Fund to provide financial support for some of our campers.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a cancellation, a refund will be given minus a $50 processing fee if it is more than three weeks away from the start of the session. If the cancellation is less than three weeks from the beginning of the session, a refund will not be issued unless the cancellation is due to a medical or family emergency. Please call the office with any questions.

Drop off and Pick up

Registration is on Sunday from 3:00 – 4:00 pm . Pick up is on Friday we ask that you do not arrive at camp prior to 1:30 pm as campers will be playing and we would like to minimize the vehicle traffic at camp. Please be sure to check in with your child’s counselor before moving your camper out of the cabin.


The Email and Photo Service comes with registration. This service provides the ability to send one way e-mail to your camper while they are at camp, and also provides access to see pictures we take during the week. The one-way e-mail is printed and distributed with the regular mail once a day.

Medical Information

The Health Form can be filled out online on the same account where you register your camper. Please complete the Camper MAR Form if your camper is bringing medications to camp.

The Medication Administration Record form must be completed and signed by both the parent and the authorized Prescriber (Physician, Dentist, Physician Assistant, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) for EVERY medication the camper will bring to camp.

These forms must be completed every year, but if your child is attending more than one session during a summer, need be submitted only once. Please fill out this form online no later than June 1, 2019.

Bring a copy of your health insurance card and your campers MAR form (if applicable) with you to give to the nurse and/ or health officer during registration.

Lost and Found

Please do not send anything to camp that is not replaceable and please put your child’s name on everything! Our counselors do a very good job at trying to make sure nothing is left behind, but things do sometimes get left. When you pick up your child, they should have their bags packed and ready to go, however please be sure to look through the unclaimed items on the porch or clothesline. If you return home and realize you forgot something, please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange to get it to you. Items will be kept for one week in the Lost & Found then donated to a local charity.


Send your letters and postcards to:

Camper’s name and cabin number
Camp Albemarle
156 Albemarle Drive
Newport, NC 28570

Because packages can cause many problems (limited space to store them, some campers feeling left out, food/candy attracting critters or triggering allergies), we will only accept packages that are no larger than 12”x15”x3/4”. Packages larger than this will be returned to the sender at their expense, so please be sure to inform other family members of this policy to avoid the disappointment of a care package being returned. Any letters received after your child leaves will not be forwarded, so make sure to mail them early.

Payment Information

Invoices will be sent out monthly via email. Payments can be made by logging into your online account, sending a check to the camp office or calling into the camp office. The registration needs to be paid for in full no later than June 1st.

Phones and Electronics

Cell phones and electronics (including game players, iPods and e-readers) are not allowed at camp. At Camp Albemarle, we strive to create an opportunity for your child to unplug and take a break from the electronics they are bombarded with daily, to live within a community and bond with their counselor and fellow campers in a natural setting. If your child is found with any of these items, they will be taken away from them and returned to you on check out day. Please do not confuse your camper by encouraging them to break this rule, but abide by the others!

We want to work with you to make this experience a great one for your camper – we will call you if any of the following occur: Your child is very upset or homesick (so we can discuss options with you), your child is ill or injured and requires anything more than a Band-aid or a Tylenol, there is anything we would like to discuss with you (behavior issues, medication doses, etc.). In case of an emergency at home (when you have to talk to your child), please call the camp office and we can have them call you back, however this requires us to pull them out of an activity, and bring them to the office for the phone call. Please use this option only in the case of emergencies.


Each summer, we hire a photographer to take pictures of the campers throughout the day at their daily activities. These pictures will be posted each night. The Email & Photo Service is a part of your registration. This service provides the ability to send one way e-mail to your camper while they are at camp, and also provides access to these pictures.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to call the camp office at 252-726-4848. We are looking forward to seeing your camper this summer – please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you in any way.


One of the best ways to deal with homesickness is to help make it manageable before your child comes to camp. You may reassure your child that it is perfectly normal to feel a little bit homesick when staying the night at a new place. But to help prepare them for a fun and successful camp experience, try the following:

  • Before leaving for camp share some of the goals you have for your camper or set some together. These may include new skills they will learn at the fun activities they get to try, a great opportunity to learn to succeed on their own for a few days (or to trust God to help!) or the new friends they will make.
  • Also before leaving for camp or when settling in, ensure that your child knows how to get to certain places they will need (where is the bathroom, where will they eat dinner, etc.) and who to go to if they have problems or need something (their Counselor, the Spiritual Development Coordinator, and Health Officer). Reassure them that even though you won’t be there, there are lots of people to help them and who also care about them very much!
  • Set up realistic expectations. If you want your child to stay for their entire session, do not offer to come pick them up if they aren’t enjoying themselves – generally, they won’t enjoy themselves. Additionally, campers, except in unusual circumstances, are not allowed to use the phone during the week, so don’t promise phone calls. If your child is really struggling with homesickness, the camp administration will call you before allowing your child to call so that we can come up with a game plan together.
  • If you do receive a letter from an upset camper or a teary phone call – trust us! We want to work with you to make this a positive experience and will not force your child to do things they do not want to do, or that you do not want them to do. We will, however, encourage campers to stick it out! Overcoming homesickness can be a major triumph and a great confidence builder. It is also amazing to know what a difference a day can make – whether because of a good meal, a fun activity or a great conversation, by the time a letter reaches you, your camper has usually settled in. Remember, if you are unsure about “letting go” of your camper and are struggling with “childsickness”, they will know. Young campers unsure of what to make of a new experience will often mimic your emotions and can feed off of either your excitement or anxiety. By being enthusiastic during registration and check in, you can help set them up with a positive outlook.

If you have specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Camp Albemarle – we are partners with you in this process and strive to minister to families, not just campers. If we can help you, let us know!

Financial Aid

Camp Albemarle has a limited amount of campership money available each year. In all but extreme cases we are not able to award full camperships, but are very willing to work with families on the cost of camp including partial camperships and payment plans. In considering how much your family may be able to contribute, please consider all sources you may have available including church or community groups, or extended family members, such as grandparents, who may consider a payment towards camp as a holiday or birthday gift.

We are committed to giving all children the opportunity to have a great camp experience, please contact Camp Albemarle for a campership application if you are concerned about your family’s ability to pay or would like to donate to the campership program.

156 Albemarle Dr
Newport, NC 28570