Camp Albemarle camp options
Camp Options

For over 65 years, Camp Albemarle has provided quality summer camps and programs on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina with the goal of providing safe and fun experiences that allow children to try new activities, make new friends and grow in their Christian faith. Camp Albemarle offers overnight traditional and adventure camp options, as well as a full schedule of day camps, so you can find the best fit for your child. Some of our summer camp options also allow young children to experience day camps if they want to try out camp but are not yet ready for an overnight option.


The gate at camp will not be open until 2:00pm. Our friendly staff will greet you at the gate and begin letting families in at that time. You will be given a number and information about the check in process. The number will hold your place for registration so you don’t have to stand in line. Families can then proceed to the Pavilion where campers can make a name tag and everyone can enjoy refreshments and activities. The camp store will be open at this time so you can put money in their camp store account (cash, check, or credit card).

At 3:00pm staff will begin calling families to the registration area based on the number you received at the gate. Once your number has been called, you can proceed to registration where you will meet with the registrar to make sure payment and paperwork have been completed. Then you will either check in with the nurse if your camper has medications (please bring the completed MAR Form) or go straight to get a health check for temperature, and a lice check. There will be another opportunity to put money in your child’s camp store account if you have not already done so. At the last station you will receive your cabin assignment. From there you can retrieve your campers luggage from your vehicle, help them move into the cabin and meet their counselors. Registration will end around 4:00pm, please call the office and leave a message if you will be late.

  • Day Camp registration can be found on the Day Camp Page

Check Out

This year we will be holding a closing program at the Vesper Dell! We invite all friends and families to join us for songs, dancing, high points of the week, and closing worship for what will have been a spectacular week. This program will begin at 2pm, please do not arrive before 1:30pm and go straight to the Vesper Dell or Camp Store as campers will be finishing cleaning their cabins and playing games. After the program is finished you can head to your campers cabin and sign them out with their counselor and pick up your luggage (please do not try to do this before the program as it creates problems for the counselor’s supervision of the campers and we would like to minimize traffic). After the program the Camp Store will remain open.

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Newport, NC 28570