Albemarle’s Outdoor Learning Community

This program would be a full day program for children on their “remote” learning days.  The day would be run much like our summer day camp.  Students will gather and participate in a “Morning Watch” time and a devotion before moving into a block schedule of activities.  Each day, one of those blocks would be time to access their remote learning assignments.  Other blocks would include challenge activities, creative arts, STEM activities, and environmental education activities.  Information that we have available to us at this time is that students will be attending school in person 2 days per week and that half of the students will attend Monday and Tuesday and the other half on Thursday and Friday with Wednesday being a “remote learning day”.  We intend to offer programs on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday with Wednesday being an optional day.



Location- 29 acres of camp!  The Dining Hall will be the location of the educational support activities.  The Outdoor Learning Community and The Nature School will share other indoor spaces in dangerous weather.


Transportation– We will not offer Transportation to the children participating in the Camp Albemarle Outdoor Learning Community.  We will offer an early drop off time for parents who need to bring their children before work in the morning.  They will also be offered spots in our Alby After-School program if needed.


 How would you work with mask and social distancing requirements? The health and safety of children, staff and families is critical. We would work to follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks when distancing is not achievable. Children under the age of 11 that can appropriately wear masks will be encouraged to do so.

What are the ages ranges for this program? This program would be for elementary aged students.

What are the days and hours for the program?  There will be two attendance options – Monday/Tuesday OR Thursday/Friday.  Wednesday is an optional day and will be less structured day with time for sports and recreation, speakers, and special programs, in addition to opportunities to log in for virtual learning. The program will be held from 8:00am-2:30pm

When would this program start and what breaks would you take? We would start Monday, August 17th. Our plan would then be to follow the Carteret County School District calendar.

Would you provide meals or snacks? No. Students will need to bring all meals and snacks, and a reusable water bottle.

Will students be able to complete homework assignments?  One of the activity blocks each day will be dedicated to providing educational assistance to students. We will provide internet access to allow for virtual work to be done. Tutoring Staff will be present, and available to assist them.

What do the students need to bring each day? Students need to bring appropriate clothing and shoes for outside play, a lunch, 2 snacks, water bottle, laptop or personal devices for schoolwork, and any school assignments. If the student is over 10 years old, they will also need to bring their own mask each day.

How many students will be enrolled? The maximum number of students each day will be 30 except for Wednesday.

Will the students be all together throughout the day? No, each student will be assigned to a small group of 10 or less students.

What will this cost? This year we are offering a “tiered” pricing schedule. The middle tier reflects the actual cost of the program.  The highest cost is for families that would like to help the ministry of Camp Albemarle and the Outdoor Learning Community so that we can make our programs available to children who might otherwise be able to attend because of cost.  The lower tier is somewhat less than our actual cost and we hope makes the program more affordable for families who are impacted by the pandemic.  The decision as to which tier to pick is up to you. We do have limited financial aid for this program.  Please contact the office at 252-726-4848

Semester        5 Monthly Payments

Tier 1

2 Day              $1120                          $224

3 Day              $1680                         $336


Tier 2

2 Day              $1446                         $288

3 Day              $2160                       $432


Tier 3

2 Day              $1760                         $352

3 Day              $2640                         $528


Early Drop off (7:30) may be available for an additional fee


What would a daily schedule look like?

8:00-8:30 am — Temperature Checks and Drop Off

8:30-9:00am — Morning Watch/Devotions

9:00-10:30am — Educational/Activity Time

10:300-12:00 — Educational/Activity Time

12:00-1:00 — Lunch/quiet time

1:00-2:30 — Educational/Activity Time

2:30-3:00pm — Pick Up Time

What happens if the schools close? We expect we would be able to stay open and hosting students unless we are directed to close by the Department of Health.

What happens if someone within the program tests positive for Covid19? We would communicate the situation with families and work with the Department of Health to determine the best course of action.

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