The Crystal Coast’s Top Residential Summer Camp

Camp Albemarle - Summer Camp Options on Crystal CoastCamp Albemarle – Summer Camp Options on Crystal CoastCamp Albemarle it seems has been destined to become one of the top summer camps on the Crystal Coast near Atlantic Beach, NC. It seems as though God has had His hand firmly on Camp Albemarle since its beginning in 1953. On their way to visit a potential site for a camp near Wilmington, a group from the Albemarle Presbytery experienced car trouble while traveling on State Road 24 near Newport. While the men repaired the car, the women decided to take a walk to see Bogue Sound.

While near the water, they encountered the property owner, who, on discovering their mission, suggested that they purchase her property for their camp! After some negotiation – the property owner wanted $67,000 and the Presbytery only wanted to pay $66,000 (the owner finally made a $1,000 donation to the Presbytery so they could pay her asking price) – the property was purchased and Camp Albemarle came into being! Today, Camp Albemarle is one of the most popular summer camps on the Crystal Coast located near the beautiful beaches of NC. Over the years, they have added more options to host campers from pre-school aged for day camps all the way to high schoolers in residential and adventure camps. Most recently, Camp Albemarle has added a year-round, outdoor preschool, being one of a very few on the coast of North Carolina.

Contact us today to learn more about Camp Albemarle and inquire about our residential and day summer camp sessions and adventure camps on the Crystal Coast near Morehead City and Atlantic Beach, NC. Plus, you can check out our new outdoor preschool that is open year-round. Also, ask how we can host your company or organization for team building!

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