The Preschool at Camp Albemarle is a faith based program with the goal of teaching children about God through the wonder of His Creation, using exciting and meaningful activities that will help children prepare for a lifetime of learning!

Program Information: The program is geared towards 3 and 4 year olds. School is ½ a day with 2 and 3 day programs offered. Children are in the outdoors for the vast majority of each day, weather permitting. They are actively engaged in learning about areas such as gardening, small animal care, creative arts and environmental exploration.

Registration Information: Click here for the 2017-2018 registration form.

Open House: February 4th from 10am to 12pm. Stop by anytime between those hours to meet the teachers and explore the classrooms.

We are very excited that our outdoor preschool launched in September 2016! Our program is different from other preschools in that we use the natural world to promote growth and development in your child. The children spend a vast majority of their day outside on 29 acres of land to learn about God through His creation and to create a lifelong connection with nature.  

Children have experiences found in traditional preschools such as large and fine motor activities, music and art, unstructured play, story time, and cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. Based on seasonal changes, children have experiences in gardening, small animal care, and environmental exploration.

Program Philosophy

  • Sharing God’s love through His creation.
  • Connecting children to nature to inspire appreciation for the natural world.
  • Providing a safe environment to encourage exploration and learning.
  • Promoting wellness through active play.
  • Assisting children in their interactions with each other to promote cooperative learning and encourage problem solving.
  • Developing activities that are focused on the individuality, abilities and interests of each child.

Here at The Preschool at Camp Albemarle, our goal is to encourage children to explore the natural world and stay active outdoors, inspiring a love for learning through play based activities. Sharing God’s love for us and establishing a connection to nature is our primary goal. Academics are important and will be incorporated into our program, but will not be the primary focus in daily activities.

An emergent curriculum will be used to focus on the children’s natural curiosities, interests, and passions. Planned themes and activities will introduce the children to a variety of topics. However, these themes will not be scheduled far in advance so the teachers can incorporate them as they see it fits best in the children’s learning or when a child expresses interest in the topic.

Our teachers will be actively engaging in observing, planning, analyzing, documenting and evaluating the children’s activities, ideas, needs and interests. Interaction between the teachers and each child is essential and teaching moments will be acted upon daily. The pace and method at which one learns is different for every child and will be taken into consideration during planning.

We have created a guideline of goals for the year and most of these will come naturally in the activities incorporated into the centers, group activities or one-on-one time with the teachers. Please remember that our focus is more on play and the interests of the children than making sure every goal is met in the curriculum.

The class will be a mixture of 3 and 4 year olds and the goals may vary slightly for each child based on age.


  • Learn about God’s love for us
  • Listen to Bible stories
  • Retell main parts of Bible stories
  • Recognize that God created us, animals and plants
  • Recognize that God wants us to love and be kind to one another
  • Sing songs to praise God
  • Begin to develop values such as compassion, respect, honesty and fairness

 Science Development

  • Experience the world through nature walks, gardening, and environmental explorations
  • Observe and start to understand plant life cycle
  • Observe the weather and identify seasons
  • Understand and explore using the five senses
  • Investigate animals, where they live and what they eat
  • Identify plants and animals
  • Conduct and discuss simple experiments
  • Make predictions
  • Use simple science tools
  • Recognize and identify parts of the body
  • Identify basic colors
  • Learn basic skills to care for animals

Creative Arts

  • Demonstrate self-expression and creativity
  • Explore a variety of art processes
  • Use a variety of art materials
  • Participate in movement songs and dances
  • Use a variety of instruments
  • Explore rhythm
  • Participate in dramatic play
  • Act out movements and sounds of animals
  • Use props and puppets

Social and Emotional Development

  • Demonstrate taking turns and sharing
  • Participate and work well with others in group activities
  • Willing to try new experiences
  • Show curiosity for the world around them
  • Practice using manners
  • Communicate needs and express preferences
  • Ask for help
  • Follow directions
  • Build positive relationships with other children and adults
  • Recognize and accept differences in people
  • Participate in projects to help others in need
  • Practice solving problems
  • Recognize feelings of others
  • Care for and be kind to others
  • Identify and express feelings
  • Demonstrate a positive sense of self-identity

Health and Physical Development

  • Exhibit independence in self-care: clean up, dressing/undressing, hand washing
  • Make healthy eating choices
  • Practice good hygiene skills
  • Engage in active physical play
  • Development gross motor skills such as running, jumping, marching and skipping
  • Development fine motor skills such as using crayons, paintbrushes, manipulating large and small blocks, and using glue and scissors
  • Begin to develop eye-hand coordination
  • Develop awareness of safety issues

 Math Development

  • Recognize numbers 1-10
  • Count objects to 10
  • Sort by color, shape and size
  • Identify patterns
  • Recognize size difference: small, medium and large
  • Identify shapes: square, rectangle, circle, triangle and diamond
  • Match shapes, symbols and patterns
  • Understand opposites


  • Exposure to alphabet
  • Exposure to name recognition
  • Listen to short stories and answer questions
  • Ask questions
  • Participate in simple songs and fingerplays
  • Build new vocabulary
  • Build listening skills
  • Follow verbal directions
  • Engage in simple conversations with peers and adults
  • The Preschool at Camp Albemarle will have a mixed age class for 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Children must be 3 by September 1st in the year of enrollment and must have independent bathroom skills.
  • The 2017 -2018 school year will run from September 5th through May 25th and will follow the Carteret County Public School calendar.

Morning sessions are from 9am to 12pm. 

2 day program – Tuesday and Thursday

$160/month or $1,440/year


3 day program – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

$230/month or $2,070/year


Afternoon Sessions are from 1pm to 4pm 

2 day program – Monday and Wednesday

$160/month or $1,440/year


**Sprouts Class** For 5 and 6 year olds

2 day program – Tuesday and Thursday

$160/month or $1,440/year

Enrollment will begin on March 1st at 4pm. To enroll your child, please complete a registration form and submit it with a $100 non-refundable registration fee. Checks can be made payable to Camp Albemarle. Click here for the registration form.

Registration on March 1st is in-person only from 4pm to 6pm. 

Starting March 2nd, there are three ways to complete the enrollment process.

  1. Bring the form and fee to the camp office.
  2. Mail it to Camp Albemarle at 156 Albemarle Drive, Newport, NC 28570.
  3. E-mail it to If you choose this option, you must have the registration fee postmarked within 1 day of submitting the registration form to guarantee your child’s spot in the program.

Once the registration is processed you will receive a confirmation letter. A parent handbook and required paperwork will be sent by mail mid-summer.

Sample Schedule

“Teachable moments” are essential to learning and these moments can come at any time. Structure is also important for young children as they benefit from knowing what will happen next. We will maintain a loose schedule with predictable events throughout the day, such as large group exploration and snack, to allow the teachable moments to be acted upon while still giving children the security of structure. The following is an example of a typical day schedule.

Arrival and Choice Time: Class will begin in our outdoor classroom and children will have 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted choice time.

Group Meeting: Children take part in conversations, engage in music and movement activities, listen to stories and discuss the day’s activities.

Snack: Teachers and children eat “family style” while telling stories and enjoying each other’s company.

Group Exploration: Children will do a large group exploration which may include visits to the garden, nature hikes to the forest, and time to care for the animals. Possibilities of animals include chickens, rabbits and turtles.

Choice Time: Children may choose activities among the different areas of the classroom. Most days this choice time will be outside but occasionally may be indoors.

Small Group: Adult directed activities occur in small groups. These activities allow children the opportunity to ask more questions and allows the teachers to evaluate each child’s needs and progress.

Ending Group Meeting and Departure: Children assist with clean-up, reflect on the activities from the day, gather their belongings and say goodbye to their friends.  


Outdoor Choice Areas

The children will be able to move freely between each station during choice time.

  • Construction Zone and Loose Part Area
  • Music Wall
  • Weather Station
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Magnetic Chalkboard
  • Art Area
  • Water Table
  • Nature Play Area
  • Reading Teepee
  • TBD – forest stations

Outdoor Large Group Activities 

  • Garden
  • Barnyard with Chickens and Rabbits
  • Salt Marsh Exploration
  • Nature Hikes to the Forest

Indoor Choice Areas

The children will be able to move freely between each station during choice time.

  • Block Area
  • Reading Area
  • Art Area
  • Sensory Area
  • Dramatic Play Area
  • Science Area
  • Language and Math Area

We will be outside everyday rain or shine unless:

  • There is thunder and lightning
  • There is a tornado watch or warning
  • High winds are present that could cause flying debris
  • Weather conditions could result in children becoming overheated or excessively chilled
  • Wind-chill factor and heat index will play a role in determining how long we stay outside

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